Aura Trouble —MFA 2 Thesis (Project 3)

In Boris Groys’ essay “Exploring the Visible and Invisible Sides of Reproduction”, he  theorized that a digital image isn’t actually an image but composed of unseen data hidden from the viewer. The act of visualizing that image or data on the screen is always performative a performative act.

To test out Groys’ theory, I created 12 pen plotter drawing called Aura Trouble. I thought, If the digital image is truly “performative”, could function like a musical score? and could my computer (or my drawing machine in this case) be an instrument playing that score?

Each drawing is slightly different, Just as a music performance is always different from other performances from the same composition

Inkjet and Ballpoint Pen (drawn with MaC)
12 Drawings
17 x 11 inches

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