FURTHER — MFA2 Thesis Project 4

In Boris Groys essay “Exploring the Visible and Invisible Sides of Reproduction”, he theorized that a digital image isn’t actually an image but composed of unseen data hidden from the viewer. The act of visualizing that image or data on the screen is always performative a performative act. Inspired by Groy’s essay, I wondered if I could extract the data from an image and translated it into music. Or in other words - I wanted to literally perform the image. Then to take it one step further I used that music and some AE plugins to create what I hoped would be an innovative motion graphic.

INQUIRY: Digital images contain unseen data. Can that data be used to drive the design process "further”? 

PROMPT: Expose and visualize the “unseen” data in an image file and use that data to create a musical composition. Then use the composition to inspire new forms that (hopefully) drive the design process further.

OUTCOME: Musical Composition and motion graphic to explain/visualize the translation of digital image data into sound and motion.

See the 2 minute motion graphic here.

Motion Graphic and experimental sound design.

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