Hawkz - 12”  EP Record

D. Lee (Scared of Chaka, Lowlights) band Hawkz is a fully fleshed out version of his earlier incarnation as Lowlights. He's joined here by Dave Hernandez (Scared of Chaka, The Shins, The Intelligence). Includes two bonus tracks, "Only Jesse" and "Long Ride Home", both recorded live to 8-track tape, which were not included on the original, limited to 200 12" vinyl EP.

D. Lee: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Banjo, Harmonica
Dave Hernandez: Lead Guitars, Harmony Vocals
Ian Moore: Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Drew Church: Bass
Steven Barci: Drums, Percussion, Vocal
Engineered by Ian Moore
Mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman
Mastered by Carl Saff
Produced by Lee, Hernandez, MooreAll songs written by D. Lee


12” Record
12 x 12 inches
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