S/Oulipo Wildcard — MFA2 Thesis (1) - Workshop + Posters

Info: Oulipo (French pronunciation: [ulipo], short for French: Ouvroir de littérature potentielle; roughly translated: "workshop of potential literature") is a loose gathering of (mainly) French-speaking writers and mathematicians who seek to create works using constrained writing techniques. It was founded in 1960 by Raymond Queneau and François Le Lionnais. Other notable members have included novelists Georges Perec and Italo Calvino, poets Oskar Pastior, Jean Lescure and poet/mathematician Jacques Roubaud.

Inquiry:  Is it possible to create a generative design system based on the values and principles of poetry, music, and conceptual art (instead of modernism).

Prompt: Repurpose Oulipo’s N+7 methodology  (which is a poetic device, that involves replacing each noun in a text with the seventh one following it in a dictionary) as a system for creating innovative combinations of images and text.

  • Workshop (BFA4 Class) and a series of 15+ posters.
  • Interesting combination of forms start to develop.
  • Could this technique be used as an critique of remix culture, and context?
  • Sparked my interest in developing methodologies based projects 

15 posters (10 made by CalArts BFAs in a 3 hour workshop)
11 x 17 inchesm
Selected Student Work

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