This is a Test 

Recently my design practice has incorporated methodologies and theories outside of design (post-conceptual art, poetry, and music), to create systems of constraints and rules that become formal and/or theoretical “machines” for creating unexpected and innovative design outcomes. This is a Test puts theory and art methodologies aside and creates an actual machine for making from materials available in my studio. Using an old vinyl cutter and some “repurposed” software, I created MaC. (Machine and Collaborator). This selection of drawings are the results of several tests given to MaC

While making the work for “This is a Test”, I began to develop a working dialogue with MaC. Often, MaC would “translate” my digital input into its own nuanced output. I would make annotations on the drawings and then test MaC again. During this strange discourse, I began to see pen drags, misalignments, paper mishaps, and line mistakes as MaC’s own subtle contribution to the work.

12 Prints
Gold Sharpie on Black Canson Paper
20 x 26 Inches

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