#winona forever

Volume one of #winonaforever contains a curated selection of images from the 1137+ images I downloaded from the @winonaryderofficial Instagram feed.

Inspired by Paul Soulellis’ Library of the Printed Web, a physical archive devoted to web-to-print artists’ books, zines and other printout matter. Founded by Paul Soulellis in 2013, the collection was acquired by The Museum of Modern Art Library in January 2017. The project has been described as “web culture articulated as printed artifact,” an “archive of archives,” characterized as an “accumulation of accumulations,” much of it printed on demand. Techniques for appropriating web content used by artists in the collection include grabbing, hunting, scraping and performing, detailed by Soulellis in “Search, Compile, Publish,”[http://soulellis.com/2013/05/search-compile-publish/] and later referenced by Alessandro Ludovico.

#winonaforever is intended to explore the transformative nature of printing from the web and its potential as a subversive act

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RisoGraph and Laserprint
Edtion or 30
5.25 x 8.5 inches

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